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Care Instructions - Bulbs

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25 Peppermint Muscari by Taylor's Bulbs.
8 Girlfriend Tulip Bulbs by Taylors Bulb

All of the bulbs we sell are in original packaging and have specific instructions for planting depth and spacing.

Depending on which product you have ordered, whether its our packets of bulbs or planted up bulbs, there will be specific needs for each 

For the potted up bulbs, all you need to do is:

  • dig a hole large enough for the pot size

  • remove the plastic pot

  • place potted bulbs into whole

  • cover with a little soil

  • firm in gently by hand

  • water occasionally but not too much

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Bulbs Tete a Tete 10.5cm.JPG
Bulbs Hyacinth Blue 10.5cm.JPG
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